The validators for the Trustlines Blockchain participate in an auction to gain a validator slot. The auction locks their deposits for a set amount of time. For the first validator period, this was set to nine months. After the deposits are unlocked, the validators are able to withdraw their deposits.

Here's a guide on how you'll be able to withdraw your deposit!

Checking that the locking period has ended

To withdraw your ETH deposit from the contract, you will need to interact with the DepositLocker contract. The contract address on Ethereum is 0xd56a61ad1b16f1f0326785902593c7adbf733e34.

Make sure the deposits are unlocked by checking that the releaseTimestamp has passed. To do this on the contract page, click on Contract. The timestamp on the contract should be equivalent to Wednesday, 8th of July, 2020 00:00 UTC.

Continue to click on Read Contract.

You can find out the current Unix timestamp using a search engine of your choice.

Verifying that your address can withdraw from the contract

You will need to use the same address to withdraw that you used to bid. To verify your address, you can use the third field, canWithdraw.

Enter your address in the field and click Query. You will see bool: true if you are able to withdraw, or bool: false if not.

Withdrawing using MetaMask

Once you have verified that you’re entitled to withdraw, log-in to your MetaMask account. You should make sure you have the Main Ethereum Network network selected.

Click on Write Contract, then, Connect to Web3. This will allow Etherscan to connect to MetaMask.

For the actual withdrawal, click on Write under 2. withdraw. MetaMask will then ask you to sign a transaction. The transaction should require less than 30k gas.

Once this transaction is confirmed, you should receive your deposit back.

You'll also be able to find this guide at the Trustlines Docs.

Becoming a Trustlines Validator Candidate

The process for whitelisting addresses for the second validator auction is underway!

You will have until the end of the day, Sunday, 31st of May, 2020 (UTC), to send your email address to become a Trustlines Validator Candidate.

Process summary

  1. Send a DM to @tl_validator Twitter account with your email address
  2. Collection of email addresses ends (31.05.2020 23:59 UTC)
  3. A check of Proof of Sociality is performed
  4. If you are in the Proof of Sociality pool, you will get an email
  5. The email will have a link to a survey where you will be able to provide your Ethereum address
  6. The submitted Ethereum addresses then get compiled into a list. This list will be the whitelist and will allow you to bid in the validator auction

Read more about the whitelisting process at the Trustlines Forum!

The whitelisting for the second validator auction begins!
The time has come to start the process for whitelisting addresses for the second validator auction for the Trustlines Blockchain! The deadline for submitting an email address has passed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an email address for becoming a Trustlines Validator Candidate! The deadlin…

The second validator auction is around the corner, be sure to follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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