The third Trustlines validator auction has concluded. The auction was a success! Almost all of the available slots were acquired. A total of 35 slots were obtained for 5,002 TLN per slot.

We’re happy to see another successful validator auction and want to thank everyone who participated. The minimum slot number was fulfilled, and we now have a new validator set for the Trustlines Blockchain. The next validator period will start on the 22nd of March, 2021.

  • 97% of the available validator slots were bid on and acquired. Only one slot was left unclaimed.
  • The highest bid was 270,078 TLN.
  • The last bid and the final price for everyone was 5,002 TLN. (In the Dutch auction format used, the last bid is the final price for all participants.)
  • The average price of all bids was 18,962 TLN.
  • A total of 663,692 TLN was used to bid

Those who bid more than the final price can now withdraw the excess from their bids at the auction website. The 175,078 TLN from the auction will be locked for nine months in the DepositLocker contract.

The validators from the second auction will be able to withdraw their stakes on the 23rd of March, 2021. A detailed guide for withdrawing your stake can be found at the Trustlines Docs.

The third validator period will kick off on block 6259269. That should be happening around the 22nd of March, 2021. All the new validators should have their nodes up and running before the fork block is reached.

We provide a quickstart script for new validators to get started with their node. Those already running a node as a part of the current validator set will only need to update their nodes. The watchtower component allows auto-updates for those that have them enabled; others will need to do a manual update. Again, all the new validators should be ready to start sealing blocks as soon as the fork takes place. If you're not set up in time, you will lose out on block rewards, and the block times on the Trustlines Blockchain do increase.

We look forward to seeing the new validators coming online and wish everyone all the best with the third validator period.

Next Steps for Validators

Get ready! We made it easy. The quickstart script will install and start all the necessary components for you. The script guides you along the way during the setup, and you'll be ready to go.

Check out our “All you need to know as a validator after the third auction” blog post for details about starting your journey as a validator.

All the current validators should keep their nodes online until the fork, even if they didn’t secure a slot in the third auction.

All You Need to Know as a Validator After the Third Auction
The third validator period will kick off on block 6259269. That should be happening around the 22nd of March, 2020

Stakes from the first two validator periods

There remains some funds that have not been withdrawn from the first two validator periods. If you were a validator in either of these periods, you should check if you still have funds to be withdrawn from the contracts.

Contracts with funds to be withdrawn

First validator auction

  • Address: 0x7255E01F934307FfB7a41FC78B6b1688f5dc6845
  • Remaining funds: 3,8 ETH

First validator period DepositLocker

  • Address: 0xD56a61aD1b16F1F0326785902593C7Adbf733E34
  • Remaining funds: 13,0 ETH
  • Detailed guide for withdrawing funds can be found at the Trustlines Docs

Second validator auction

  • Address: 0xED0FA720D4150F7b1572b68d1f8C708ddf9da5B7
  • Remaining funds: 20,341 TLN

Second validator period DepositLocker

  • Address: 0x3f52Cb880B534D57F3C925F2bbB6b2750E2f415A
  • These can be withdrawn after the second validator period ends, around 23rd of March, 2021
  • Detailed guide for withdrawing funds can be found at the Trustlines Docs

Third validator auction

  • Address: 0xCDB34843978684f8DD39B3eDE59e73Bf49d3FBf4
  • Excess from the bids can be withdrawn through the Auction website

Get to know the community

We have a section at the Trustlines Forum for validators! There you can discuss issues as well as share your experience of becoming a Trustlines validator.

And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need help setting up your node.

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