The Trustlines Network is a community-driven project that empowers people to create and manage digital funds. Significant contributors to the community are the validators.


  • Keep the Trustlines Blockchain secure and running
  • Have provided value to the ecosystem for more than a year, so far
  • Enable critical operations of applications such as the Trustlines App.

When the Merkle Drop, our initial token distribution, was done, the Trustlines Blockchain was merely a month old. Thus, when the snapshot was compiled, we didn’t have much information about active validators and weren’t able to include them in the Merkle Drop.

So, the Trustlines Foundation is doing another Trustlines Network Token distribution to the validators from the first and second validator periods.

Validators, Claim Your Tokens!

The validators who are eligible to claim tokens from this distribution just need to use their validator address to call the withdraw function of the token distribution smart contract. The contract address is 0x82577badedb1ce4f0b804c69c9c46025e3bcaf57 on Ethereum.

How Are the Tokens Distributed?

We decided to denominate the amounts in fiat currency values. Validators who participated in one period out of the two are able to claim up to $500. And those participating in both of the validator periods, $1,000. This sums up to a maximum of 9,424 TLN that a validator can potentially claim per period.

As validators are selected in a round-robin fashion, we can calculate how many times they got a turn. If they validated 100% of their turns, they are able to claim the full amount of TLN. If they did not have a 100% uptime, the number is decreased accordingly. The average uptime for validators from these periods is about 78%. Since numerous validators have taken part in both periods, the average claimable amount per validator is 9,846 TLN, equal to about $526.

The eligible validators will be able to claim their tokens until the third of April, 2021, 00:00 UTC. Unlike the Merkle Drop, these tokens will not decay over time. The validators will be able to claim the full amount for the entire duration of the token distribution. After the claiming period ends, the remaining tokens will be returned to the Trustlines Foundation.

Any future methods of further token distributions, or their models, have not been decided at this moment.

How to Claim Your Tokens

The easiest way of interacting with the contract is to use the tools at MyCrypto or Etherscan. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to withdraw the tokens using MyCrypto.

Head on over to and connect your account. Then move on to for interacting with the contract.

Input the information as follows

  • Network: Ethereum
  • Contract: 0x82577badedb1ce4f0b804c69c9c46025e3bcaf57

Then hit the Interact with Contract button and choose withdraw (write) from the Read / Write Contract. You will then be presented with the option to select your validator address from your web3 provider list of connected accounts. Select your preferred gas price and limit, hit Write, and claim your tokens.

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