We are happy to inform you that the migration from the Trustlines Blockchain to the Gnosis Chain has been completed.

There was a grant proposal to migrate the Trustlines Network to the Gnosis Chain and, in the process, to change our identity implementation to use Gnosis Safe. As this grant was approved, our developers have been at work on meeting the phases/milestones set out in the grant.

These milestones have been successfully met, and the Trustlines App has been updated. With this, the Trustlines Protocol now runs on the Gnosis Chain, and all accounts in the app are now Gnosis Safes.

The Trustlines Blockchain has now been sunset; in the future, all operations will continue only on Gnosis Chain.

All identities/accounts created on the Trustlines Blockchain can be used on the Gnosis Chain, and users don't have to do anything on their end to continue using the Trustlines App.

Why was this migration necessary?

The Trustlines Network ran on its own dedicated Trustlines Blockchain, a minimal viable Proof-of-Stake (mPos) chain.

The Trustlines Blockchain ran successfully for more than three years. There was a group of very engaged and dedicated validators. Despite that, we identified use cases that would benefit the Trustlines Network from being on a chain that is not solely dedicated to Trustlines, for example, using Gnosis Safes for social recovery.

Medium to long term, we're hoping this could be a first step towards unifying all Ethereum social graph projects on one technologically and economically interoperable protocol.

An additional benefit from the migration is that the Trustlines Validators are incentivized to run a Gnosis Chain node as the active validators were awarded GNO, and their favorite project is now running on the Gnosis Chain.

How the migration was executed

First, we changed our identity implementation to use Gnosis Safe. We then deployed the currency networks from the Truslines Blockchain onto the Gnosis Chain. After those steps, we migrated all the users' balances to the currencies on the Gnosis Chain.

Developer documentation will also be updated to reflect the move to the Gnosis Chain and Gnosis Safe.

Want to try it?

If you are interested in giving Trustlines App a try, head on over to the website!

Trustlines App - Economic inclusion for all