The email below has been sent to all Trustlines validator candidates on the 24th of June. Candidates in this list either signed up to become a Trustlines validator in person or passed the Twitter online signup process. Please check your spam folder if you think you should have received the email, but could not find it in your inbox.

Dear Trustlines friend,

Thank you for signing up as a validator candidate for the Trustlines Blockchain! We are glad to have you on board and would like to give you a brief update on the status of the Trustlines validator auction as well as invite you to join the Trustlines Laika testnet.

Participating as a validator in the Laika testnet is optional, and not a prerequisite for participating in the Trustlines mainnet validator auction.


To become a Trustlines Laika testnet validator all you need to do is:

  1. Follow the steps in this video to set up a testnet node
  2. Submit the Ethereum address with which you will be running your node no later than the 30th of June 2019 via the following link: {SURVEYURL}

Preparations for Trustlines Blockchain launch

The development of the mPoS Trustlines Blockchain and preparations for the Trustlines validator auction are ongoing. You will receive an email with instructions on how to participate in the auction as soon as everything is ready.

Check out what we are working on in the Trustlines Protocol Github and talk about technical questions directly with the development team in the Trustlines Gitter community.

Meet Laika, the Trustlines testnet

For several months, the Trustlines team has been running an internal testnet called Laika, which has almost reached 3M blocks at the time of writing. The testnet’s transactions and statistics can be monitored at:

So far, Laika has 19 validators. Updates of the most recent hard forks can be followed in the Trustlines Subreddit (r/trustlines).

The Laika testnet, just like Laika the dog (the first animal to orbit the earth), was never meant to survive. Hence, it is the dedicated place for battle testing and, potentially, lots of hard forks.

Laika is intended to…

  • help us build the initial mainnet through end to end tests
  • help test any future changes in the long term
  • collect feedback on changes
  • train future validators
  • be used for testing any application that is planned to be deployed on the Trustlines mainnet
  • be used as a governance sandbox, helping to plan and execute governance-related topics for the Trustlines mainnet

Since the testnet validator process is very similar to being a mainnet validator (except for the missing validator auction in the beginning), Laika is a good place to gain first experience as a validator.

Become a Laika validator!

We hereby invite you to join the Laika testnet as a validator! In order to sign up, follow the steps described in this video to set up a testnet node. Then, simply click the link below and submit the Ethereum address with which you will be running your node.


Please make sure to submit your Ethereum address by latest until 30th of June 2019. You can monitor our social channels for updates on the exact timing of the new hard fork including the new validator set.

Tell your friends

There is still some time left to get whitelisted as a validator candidate. You can help us by spreading the word in your networks! For decentralization purposes, we want to ensure that all 123 validator slots will be auctioned off. Inviting more people to take part in the auction will help us increase the likelihood of a successful auction.

(Update: The auction validator slot parameters have been updated to a maximum of 55 available validator slots and a minimum participation threshold of 20 validator slots.)

To get whitelisted for the Trustlines mainnet validator auction, your friends need to send a DM with their addresses to @tl_validator on Twitter. You can read more about the online signup process in this blog post.

We are looking forward to exciting times ahead!

Best wishes,

The Trustlines Foundation

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